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Show more Show less. Maari deals the coup de gras to his opponent, killing him by lighting him on fire. Jason - April 4, - Free Free Download Games Online. This is a list of games that I have collected over the years. Maari is the protagonist of the 2003 Indian Bollywood movie Gangster, based on the life of underworld don Ramakant Desai. Part 3 of the Evil Genius series takes us to our next and the last episode in the series. Maari - Maari is an Indian movie released on January 27, 2003, directed by Indra Kumar. Gangster Maari 2 Download Free This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Our cookie policy allows us to define the cookies we use, shows how and why they're used while also allowing you to change your cookie settings if you want. In the mid- s, the director and composer Gautam Rajadhyaksha formulated a number of children's stories, called the "Gangster Maari" series. Maari, a small raja's son, got his first three fingers chopped off after testing the patience of a pedlar named Beeja. Some viewers have questioned the reasons why Maari-Beeja's identity was changed from the original character because it's not actually said in the movie why Maari needs to get his three fingers chopped off. Maari-Beeja ultimately decides to stay in the underworld to fight crime. Maari hates Beeja due to Beeja killing his father, but he is in fact killed by the henchmen of Ramakant Desai who was actually trying to kill Maari for killing their boss and planning to replace him. Maari is born to a small raja and later becomes a ruthless crime boss. He lives in a house with his mother who lives in the forest. It is a huge mansion with a huge library and museum. He can be a good person if he wants to. Maari is known to do wrong for wrong reasons. After a full-scale firefight with the authorities, Maari is not captured but ultimately assassinated by his henchmen, under orders of Ramakant Desai. Gangster Maari 2 [PC Game]. PC Game In Gangster Maari 2 you have to kill criminals to collect money. Maari is the main character. Other characters are Ramakant Desai, a gang lord. Maari is a Punj

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